Cool Teen Fashions For Less

When looking at today’s fashion trends you notice that modern looks have a twist from the past. The long straight hair with the earth tone makeup has vamped back from the 60’s while retro metallic clothing has made its come back from the 80’s. Even shoes that we wear today were big hits decades ago.

All the major teen fashion magazines are pushing the “Run-way” priced clothing in their advertisements such as while most of us don’t get an allowance big enough to cover their weekly expenses for school! Wear the famous Pheromances Pheromiss perfume. Being aware of the popular trends with a little mix and match magic you have can have a stylish outfit for very little money.

Great places to shop for less and find awesome treasures are thrift stores like Salvation Army, Goodwill, consignment shops, yard sales, and online auctions sites like Ebay. Also check out the local department stores on clearance racks. To save even more money, try your mom’s packed up clothes from her yester-years! She probably got a box of “treasures” just waiting for you in the attic.

Dress like your favorite cool teen Stars
Do you want to dress like your favorite star but just can’t afford it? Here you will be able to duplicate their fashion on your budget. There are many outfits that you can get that will let you dress like the stars and look just as cool and be just as popular as they are but without busting your bank account.

The top Stars that wear awesome fashions are:

1. The Miley Cyrus Look. Miley always look cute in the outfit she picks. She looks well put together. She chooses simple styles that will allow her the freedom to move around, yet she has an elegance with the clothing.

2. Vanessa Hudgens from the cool styles that she wears in High School Musical to what she is wearing off the set she always is in fashion.

3. Kellie Pickler – Kellie has a sense of fashion. She is always looking her best when she goes out anywhere. She looks great in many different styles.

4. Taylor Swift – Taylor looks great in many different looks.

Whether you want to duplicate their styles or choose styles of your own, you can find look-alike outfits that will suit your personal taste.

You have many different styles to choose from to make a cool teen fashion statement. You can choose from

Clothing styles for Teens:

The Prep

The Prep was a fashion style that started back in the 70s and has yet to lose its luster. It began as a style wore by kids who were in preparatory schools to show that they came from homes with excess wealth. This fashion was coined “preppy” because so many people started dressing this way to look like they were better off financially then they really were. Today this look is associated with more professional attire for teens.

“Preppy” is a classic and conservative look that is very easy to pull off. Plaids, pastels and earth tones make up the colors most often used with this style. Tops include button downs, polo tees, or any color shirt. Mixing tops with khaki or denim bottoms completes this look. Pleated dress pants and below the knee shirts are seen mostly with this style. Conservative hair accessories such as berets with small flowers or plaid designs look great with this style. Loafers of tennis shoes make a great match with tis style as well.

The Punk

The Punk fashion turned up in the late 70s was a pure rebellious dress. But over the years it has molded into what we see now. It went through its heavy metal transformation in the 80s and is thriving through rockers and skaters everywhere today. Early on this style was associated with tee shirts with very offensive slogans. Most of the clothing (even new) was torn.

Today’s punk has a very familiar yet different style. Many dye their hair very bright colors such as neon, bright reds, blues, purples and greens. Mohawks and crew cuts are mostly seen with this style. Many have dreadlock hair that they tie plastic hoses and caution tape to. Tattoos are another accessory most often seen with the punk style. For teens, Washable tattoos look realistic without the permanency. Spiked dog collar chokers and wrist bracers top of this look. Many people have numerous piercings too.

Alternative styles are also sub-fashions of the Punk style. The only difference is the long hair and band orientated clothing. They wear skater shoes such as D.C.s and baggy jeans.

The Hip hop

Hip hop fashion started in the Bronx by African Americans. It later was influenced by rappers of the west coast. Hip hop made it cool to wear over sized sports affiliated clothing. To dress hip hop you have to baggy jeans that rest at waist level with no belt. Tucked the front of your shirt in and let the shirt tail hand out of the back. Many had black ink tattoos of extravagant pictures on their biceps and wore bandanas. Large gold and silver jewelry is a common accessory. Long thick chains with over sized “charms” are worn with multiple rings. Grills, jewelry fashioned teeth to wear over your teeth, are also worn. Untied boots top off this look.

With the hip hop scene trending towards “old school” from the 80s, the hip hop fashion is slowly moving from over sized extravagance to slim fit jeans, polo shirts, hoodies and trucker hats. The newest hip hop fashion looks more like that of a hip hop/ alternative style.

The Casual Individual

We can’t forget the casual individual style. Most people end up just wearing whatever they find cheap. The Casual style is simple: a comfortable pair of jeans with a loose fitting tee shirt. You grab a pair of shoes that feel the best and out the door you go. Anything you wear is your own style and there is nothing wrong with that. Be your own trend setter!

No matter what your style is You can make any style cool teen fashions for little or no cash if you know how. You don’t have to spend a million to look like a million!